A tall, well-built, and athletic young drow elf male with close cropped white hair.


Male Elf (Drow) Lawful Evil

Level 5 Monk \ Level 9 Acolyte of the Fist (Dragon Magazine #296, page 72)

  • Init: 9
  • Movement: 70’ (35’ climb)
  • Frightful Presence (non-Dragon type): 19 DC
  • AC: 27 (23 Touch, 21 Flat-footed)
  • Fort: 13 (+2 vs spider poison)
  • Ref: 16 (Improved Evasion)
  • Will: 17 (+2 vs spells, spell-likes, psionics & psi-likes & +2 vs Enchantment)
  • SR: 22
Unarmed Combat:
  • Attack sequence: +17/+17/+17/+12
  • Fist of Speed attack sequence: +17/+17/+17/+17/+12 (9 times a day)
  • Damage: 2d8 + 8 + Vampiric (DC 16 Fort or take an additional 1d4 hp which Kazindar then heals)
  • Criticals: 19-20 / x 2
  • Damage Reduction: Bludgeoning, Magic, Piercing, Slashing, Lawful, and Adamantite
  • Grapple mod: +17
  • Martial art weapons list (usable with Flurry): Shuriken, Short Sword, Quarterstaff, Jitte, Sai, Kama, Nekode, Nunchaku, Siangham
Skills: (of note)
  • Balance 14, Hide 28, Intimidate 11, Jump 35, Listen 21, Move Silently 24, Spot 21, Tumble 15

In-Depth Physical Description

Kazindar is a tall (5’6”), well-built, and athletic drow elf male. He has close cropped white hair and intense red eyes. He has the look of a warrior about him, but very little scarring. He has extensive multi-colored tattooes (though hard to make out on his ebony skin) on his arms from his fingertips up past his elbows and on his legs from his toes up past his knees. The tattooes appear to consist of Draconic runes.

He moves with grace and an economy of movement, almost giving the impression that he is slowing himself down just to let you keep up with him. It is hard to meet his gaze, especially when he is angry and his eyes glow red with almost supernatural ire. Even taking into account his wiry frame, he is much stronger than he looks (or should be).

He wears no armor except for stacked bracers on each wrist, the outer bracers seemingly containing potion vials. He also wears leather gloves, leather boots, a non-descript dark grey robe cinched with a black belt, a black cloak with a whitish spider web pattern and a simple necklace. He has a short sword sheathed on his belt along with a case of crossbow bolts and a pair of tanglefoot bags. Slung over his back is a brace of three shortspears and an unloaded light crossbow. Across his chest is a bandolier of shurikens.


Kazindar was born to House Despana in Menzoberranzan and at an earlier age was trained by monks of a certain god to be a living weapon. Fascinated by unarmed combat, Kazindar has longed to learn the ways of unarmed combat from other races and other cultures, but has rarely had the opportunity.

Early in his career as an adventurer, a dispute among his adventuring party caused the entire party to be exiled from House Despana forever. Kazindar and Rizzen are currently relatively low-ranking members of the drow mercenary organization Bregan D’aerthe.

Through a mystical ritual (involving the deliberate searing of the receipent’s flesh by scalding water) Kazindar is able to be enchanted as if he himself were a magical weapon. In addition to the standard benefits of wielding ( or being ) a magical weapon, Kazindar also has the ability to drain a tiny amount of life from any living foe he strikes or grapples to replenish what he himself has lost.

After acquiring a Cloak of the Arachnida early in his career, Kazindar has become used to the ability to spider climb and will generally travel on the walls or ceilings as if it were perfectly natural, especially while out in the Underdark. He even uses the cloak’s ability to do so to assist in doing his daily exercises.

More Background to be added

(Some details about Kazindar’s background remain obscured)

Modus Operandi

One of Kazindar’s roles with his most recent adventuring companions was that of the scout. Due to his extreme level of magically augmented stealth (even for a drow), movement speed, spider climb ability, and perception skills Kazindar was generally able to warn his party of any future obstacles or opponents.

Kazindar is an extremely fast combatant and is able to close with (or disengage from) an opponent at astonishing speed. He can also delivery a flurry of attacks, though those attacks are not quite equivalent (individually) to blows from either Grazit’s greataxe or Rizzen’s greatsword.

While pressure point methodology is not a primary focus of his martial arts he is familiar with it to some degree and utilizes it when beneficial against living opponents.

From a mixed martial art point of view Kazindar is primarily a striker (kick- boxing), and has little skill as a wrestler, but has recently added some grappling to his repertoire. However, the standard kind of multi-opponent combat that he normally engages in with his adventuring companions makes grappling more risky compared to striking.


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