Menzoberranzan Game

Menzoberranzan Game

The PCs began the game as young nobles from House Despana. Several of the nobles had several children in a small period, which is very unusual for elves. The house was trying to increase its power and wanted as many young members as it could create. What differs from the young nobles of Despana then other drow elves is that they relied on each other while growing up and could trust each other as much as drow elves could.

Several of the PCs began to work together on various missions for the House. Eventually they showed incompetence and not wanting to lose the potential the Matron Mother banished them from the house. The Matron mother only resisted killing them at the urges of her oldest daughter, Greyanna Despana who wanted them to prove themselves in Menzoberranzan without any support. If they demonstrated their strength the PCs would have been invited back in.

The PCs at this point joined the mercenary company, Bregan D’aerthe. Where they had several notable missions:

  • Completed the covert operation in Grackelstugh, being the only squad to escape alive.
  • Travelled to Ched Nesad to assist with Bregan D’aerthe’s influence there.
  • Assisted House Dledegarth (a Fey’ri House masquarding as a drow merchant house) in locating a potent portal to the Plane of Shadow.
  • Travelled to the plane of shadow to an ancient Netherese City, which contained a portal to the elven city of Everseka.
  • Planned to bring down House Everhate of Ched Nasad

Other notable points were:

  • Discovered the arfifact, the Annulus
  • Worked with the duergar in planning to kill an illithid Elderbrain with the Annulus

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