Dramatis Personae

Most Recently Active Characters:

  • Kazindar Despana (status unknown): A male drow elf in excellent physical condition, Kazindar has extensive multi-colored tattooing along his arms and legs.
  • Rizzen Despana (status unknown): Kazindar’s younger brother and adventuring companion, Rizzen is a slightly shorter and slightly less well-built drow male. Rizzen’s left arm is composed of magically animated adamantite replacing his organic arm. He wears a full set of dark plate and wields a greatsword seeming composed of pure ice which radiates intense cold. Rizzen is usually found riding a nightmare as his mount in combat.
  • Grazit (status unknown): Kazindar’s adventuring companion. Grazit’s original race might have been human, but now resembles something akin to a dessicated orc of about 7 feet tall. Grazit wears a full set of dark plate and wields a wicked great axe that living creatures seems to shun. He also commands mighty divine magics, yet never mentions which god he worships. Enough time spent in his presence and you will notice that he does not eat, drink, sleep, or even breathe…
  • Jeren Everhate (status unknown): A male drow elf adventuring companion of Kazindar. He originally hails not from Menzoberranzan as all of the other drow, but from Chad Nasur. He is the secondboy of House Everhate who plays on a reputation for being a spoiled rich boy with a penchant for magical toys, but is actually much more…being able to heal and call down curses while declaring no divine allegiance to any god in the drow pantheon.
  • Amon Dlardrageth (status unknown): A fey’ri member of House Dlardrageth, Amon convincingly passes himself off as a drow male, “pretending” to have an old injury imparing the normal full range of Drow darkvision. He is a versatile combatant capable of assuming other humanoid forms, flight, fighting with short blades, and the bow and arrow.

Previously Active Characters:

  • Vorn Despana (status deceased): Kazindar and Rizzen’s adoptive brother, Vorn was an exceeding muscular drow male. He wielded a pair of longswords with the skill of a master swordsman and the reckless ferocity of a wolverine. As a psychic warrior, he had abilities that enhanced his already impressive combat prowess. In any other society but the drow, Vorn would have been confined from a young age to a maximum security mental asylum for life.
  • Bellok (status unknown): A shapechanger of unknown original race that worked with the party as an Underdark guide for some time.
  • Fairuza Despana (status unknown): Kazindar and Rizzen’s sister, Fairuza is an extremely compelling drow female, even for a race known for its beauties. Underestimating her can prove fatal.
  • Armandir Despana (status unkown): Another adopted Despana brother, Armandir is a psychic warrior that fights with a flail and is Fairuza’s sworn protector.
  • Zarmenon (status deceased): A drow elf male Cleric with a succubus as a companion.
  • Ibari Despana (status deceased): Another Despana brother, Ibari was a very ambitious and intelligent drow male Wizard and member of Sorcere. He was also a magical item artisan.

(Note #1: All members of House Despana listed here are exiles from that Menzoberranzan House.)

(Note #2: There has never been a “group name” associated with the House Despana exiles.)

Dramatis Personae

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