Human Undead (Chaotic Evil) Cleric of Orcus 5/Tainted Soul 7 (Played by Adam Rinaldi)

While Grazit was a decent spell caster his most notable expertise was combat. Grazit wielded a gigantic axe that was especially potent against living foes. He used his magic to enhance his combat prowess, which was extremely devastating due to his mighty build. Eventually Grazit learned a ritual that transformed him into an undead. As an undead he gained immunity to many things that affected other beings. While Grazit did not use the ability often, he was actually very deceitful and capable of corrupting the most pure.


Grazit was a Nalfeshnee, a tanar’i from the lower planes who came to Toril to cause mayhem. Grazit’s joy was to corrupt good souls and he managed to inhabit the body of a paladin. After Grazit forced the paladin to become unredeemable a wizard cursed the fiend. Grazit was forever trapped in the body, with no way to return to his true body. Grazit spent years try to reverse the cures, but it looked inevitable. The longer Grazit stayed in the body of the former paladin his true evil nature began to corrupt the body further, slow transforming him into something new. While the body was originally human, he started to appear more like a massive 7’ half-orc, with small tusks.

Grazit eventually found his way to the Underdark where he could more easily operate, but for the most part completely apathetic and had given up on ever finding a way to return to his true form. House Everhate discovered that he was an expert in planar matters and hired him as an expert for the mission to the Plane of Shadow. Grazit agreed and joined the other PCs. After the mission was complete Grazit discovered a ritual that would allow him to become undead. With no hopes of becoming a true Nalfeshnee again this allowed him to attain some power he had lost.


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