Jaren Everhate


Drow Elf (Neutral Evil) Cleric of Shar 6/Rogue 1/ Night Cloak 5 (Played by Ryan La Ranger)

Jaren was secretly a cleric of shar and was quite adept at hiding his true powers. Jaren was quite charming and pretended he was skilled at using magical devices which would explain the source of his successes. Jaren was a skilled spell caster who specialized in healing, curses and using necromantic magic. Jaren was also a shadow weave user, which made his powers much more difficult to detect.

When the PCs found a Staff of Life, Jaren was in charge of the item. In an agnostic group many had no ways to be raised if they fell, but with the Staff of Life they would have the opportunity if necessary.


Jaren was always the disappointment of the Matron Mother. To the rest of House Everhate, all Jaren did was possess some charm and was pretty good at playing with magical ‘toys’. He did not develop into a powerful wizard or warrior. Jaren always managed to find a way to be useful enough to avoid being sacrificed to the Spider Queen. What House Everhate did not know was that Jaren was secretly a cleric of Shar. Jaren sought to enhance Shar’s influence to the rest of the Underdark.

Jaren met the rest of the PCs when the services of Bregan D’aerthe was required by House Dledegarth. House Dledegarth was a drow merchant house that was hoping to increase its influence in the city of Ched Nasad. The house allied with House Everhate so it would have some legitamacy in the city. Everhate did not want to commit much of its resources to the Dledegarth but wanted the spoils of its endeavors. They promised the new house the help of Jaren, seeing as he was not a resource they would miss.

After joining with the PCs Jaren sought to bring his house down with the help from House Dledegarth. The house decided not to aid him in his goal and thus he left Ched Nasad with the others.

Jaren Everhate

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