Amon Dledegarth


Fey’ri (ECL 1) (Neutral Evil) Ranger 3/ Rogue 5/ Assassin 3 (Played by Joe Stefano)

Amon was a skilled fey’ri, who was able to adapt to all situations. He had learn how to navigate the Underdark and became one of the main scouts for House Dledagarth, but he was also useful in surviving in a city. He was good in social situations. Amon was skilled in both melee and ranged combat; when in melee he used a short sword and a dagger, and in ranged combat he used a bow. Amon was extremely cautious and careful.

As a Fey’ri, Amon had the ability to alter self at will, which he commonly took the form of an injured drow whose dark vision was damaged in combat (because the dark vision of a drow was more evolved). Amon was a talent flyer, and was good at being mobile in a combat situation. He also had the innate ability to draw negative energy, Enervation, and suck the life out of his foes.


As with the rest of his house Amon was a master spy and was able to infiltrate Ched Nasad without the city realizing they were in fact a Fey’ri house masquerading as a drow house. Amon’s main purpose for the house was his skill in killing elves, particularly drow. He was raised as an assassin specifically for this mission into the Underdark. House Dledegarth had spent years finding a way to assault the protected elven citadel of Everska, and found their opportunity in the Underdark. One of their scholars located a portal to Everska from the Plane of Shadow. The house looked for unoccupied portals that would be large enough for an army. They discovered one in the deep Underdark not far from Ched Nasad. The house went to Ched Nasad pretending to be a merchant house from another city. They allied themselves with House Everhate and used Bregan D’aerthe for the rest of their needs.

Amon joined the others to help navigate the Underdark and would then assist them in finding the portal to Everska from the Plane of Shadow. Even after their mission was complete Amon decided to ditch his house for his own goals and joined the group.

Amon Dledegarth

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