Mysterious Shapeshifter


Unknown Race (Chaotic Neutral) Druid 5/Master of Forms 7 (Played by Tim Whelon)

Bellok’s background was unknown, he was a mysterious secretive person but extremely helpful and was surprisingly able to keep up with the impressive combat prowess of the rest of the group. Bellok was a known shape changer and took the form of many different creatures, giving the group no insight on what his real form was. His most common combat form was that of a Grey Renderer.


After the group had returned from the Plane of Shadow they wished to head back to Menzoberranzan. With the exception of Amon, none of the members could navigate the Underdark and thus while in Ched Nasad they encountered a curious scout who would help them travel the dangerous Underdark. While Bellok was never officially a comrade he did assist the group and agreed to help them with the assassination of the Elderbrain with the Annullus.


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