Very attractive drow female bard, and surprisingly does not carry the generic sadistic sneer that most drow do


Drow Elf (Chaotic Neutral) Bard 9/Assassin 1 (Played by Lauren Hallion)

Fairuza is the only non-evil drow to travel with the group. She is a talented bard, which allows her to use her inspiration and magic to boos the rest of the group’s abilities. She is also exceedingly beautiful and uses her social talents very skillfully. While she is not the most adept at straight combat she was trained in the ways of assassination which is an essential role of a bard in Menzoberranzan. Armandir is the sworn protector of Fairuza, who keeps her alive in the dangerous society she was never meant to be apart of.

In combat Fairuza uses a longsword and tries to stay in the least threatening place on the battlefield as possible. Fairuza is adept at using her levitation power and commonly levitates away from danger.

Fairuza’s bardic skills include singing and playing the vazhan-do, a drow stringed instrument.



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