Cunning Cleric of Kiaransalee


Drow Elf (Chaotic Evil) Fighter 1/Cleric of Kiaransalee 7 (Played by Joe Stefano)

Zarmenon was a cleric who specialized in necromantic and negative energy magic. He commonly had a handful of shadows under his control who would follow him as bodyguards. He also had a succubus as a companion.


Zarmenon was a devout cleric to the goddess of vengeance and undead, Kiaransalee. He was a houseless male that found his way into Bregan D’aerthe and was paired up with the exiled Despana nobles.

Zarmenon attempted to betray the Despana nobles for being Vhaeraun worshippers, but Kazindar noticed his treacterous ways and pre-emptively assaulted Zarmanen. Vorn agreed to help Zarmanon but once he realized which side had the advantage he switched sides and killed Zarmenon.


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