Ambitious Drow Wizard with a taste for high fashion


Drow Elf (Neutral Evil) Wizard 6 (Played by Joe Stefano)

Ibari was an ambitious drow wizard whose goal was to become a Master of Sorcere. Ibari had no interest in playing politics with his house, his sole goal was individual growth. Ibari was adept at various aspects of magic, primarily negative energy spells and crafting magic items. Ibari had fashioned Boots of Springing & Striding, to increase his movement and Eyes of the Eagle, glasses to increase his sight (Still worn by Kazindar).


Ibari was born into House Despana, and was being groomed by his mother, Greyanna Despana, to become the House wizard. Ibari developed his magical talents in Sorcere. He joined the young Despana nobles but was exiled by the Matron Mother. While Ibari wished to remain in Menzoberranzan the rest of the group was interested in leaving the drow city. Ibari did not join Bregan D’aerthe with the rest, but did go along on the mission to Grackslaugh.

Ibari was betrayed in Grackelslaugh by Fairuza Despana. After Ibari refused to reveal the true power of a magical item found by the group, he had crossed the line. Fairuza and her bodyguard, Armandir, surprised Ibari in a temporary hideout and managed to kill him before he could use his magic to fly away.


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