Sadistic Drow swordsman


Drow Elven (Chaotic Evil) Psychic Warrior 6/Fighter 2 (Played by Adam Rinaldi)

Vorn was an especially sadistic drow male who was almost feral. He wore no visible armor and walked around shirtless and shoeless and the reek of death clung to his person. Carved into his chest was a symbol in abyssal that read ‘Chaos’. He had 2 adamantite long swords at his hip. Vorn had a bag filled with ‘trophies’, which were decaying body parts of his foes.

Vorn was an exceeding muscular drow male but did not sacrifice any agility. He wielded a pair of longswords with the skill of a master swordsman and the reckless ferocity of a wolverine. As a psychic warrior, he had abilities that enhanced his already impressive combat prowess. He was able to walk in a dangerous city like Menzoberranzan because he had the ability to conjure invisible psychic armor that protected him. In any other society but the drow, Vorn would have been confined from a young age to a maximum security mental asylum for life.


Vorn Despana was born a drow commoner, a servant for House Obldora. His original name was lost and forgotten, after one day he brutally murdered a young Obldora son, the original Vorn, with his barehands. The mother was so impressed and sensed that his potential far out weighed that of her son she adobed him and he became Vorn Obldora. After House Baenre destroyed House Obldora she escaped with her 3 sons, Vorn, Armandir and Istor. She was accepted into House Despana.

Vorn was tutored in the ways of psionics by his adopted mother, but his true potential lied in combat and swordplay. Vorn was exceptional strong and agile for a drow. Vorn went to Melee Magarthe and was the top of his class, his only rival was Dirvolg Melarn, who was several classes above him who always bested Vorn.

Vorn was exiled from House Despana with the other young nobles and continued adventuring with them, eventually joining Bregan D’aerthe. While on a mission, Vorn was psychically poisoned and was comatose. His travelling companions feared travelling with him so much they had a magical device implanted in his body that geased him from attempting to kill the rest.

Vorn found his end when he agreed to assist Zarmenon in killing the party, only to discover they found out the plot and pre-emptively killed him.


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