Dirvolg Melarn

Sadistic Drow warrior with two longswords at his hip


Fighter 7

Dirvolg was a handsome drow male with long flowing white hair, reddish/purple eyes. He wore a light chainmail shirt with a web design and always had two long swords at his hips. The weapons were made from adamantite, thus they had a black blade, and had white hilts. Inscribed on the blades were ‘We thirst for blood’ in abyssal.

Dirvolg was a master with the long sword and fought with 2 at a time.


Dirvolg Melarn was the favored son of House Melarn. He was sadistic even for drow standards and showed amazing potential with a blade. He was the best in his class at Melee Magarthe and eventually became the House Weaponmaster of Melarn.

Dirvolg had a rivalry with Vorn Despana, even before House Melarn and House Despana clashed. Dirvolg was older and a bit more experienced, and always a little bit better then Vorn.

Dirvolg had many encounters with the young Despana nobles and managed to survive various situations. Dirvolg found his end when he was caught in a 3-way battle with House Despana and an army of trogolydites. Dirvolg was slain by Vorn Despana as his brother, Harlor Melarn, escaped.

Dirvolg Melarn

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