Monk of Vhaeraun


Drow Elf (Lawful Evil) Monk 8

Alton was a monk trained by the worshippers of Vhaeraun. The monk order was made for assassins specifically bred to kill priestess of Lolth. Alton assisted Nym with contacting Kazindar and Rizzen during the religious purges. Worshipping Vhaeraun was illegal in Menzoberranzan and he assisted the two former Despana Nobles and called upon them for their aide in the name of Vhaerun. When many priestesses of Lolth began to hunt down priests of other gods Alton helped Kazindar and Rizzen find safe grounds. The two Vhaeraun worshippers operated out of the Crimson Eyepatch, which was a bar in Menzoberranzan that was as safehouse for all Vhaeraun worshippers.

Alton was the muscle, while the priest of Vhaeraun, Nym was the planner between the two. At one point the two met with Wyreerig and he dominated both of them and sent them to attack the PCs. Alton was killed in the combat before they were able to un-dominate him.

Alton loved to test his physical prowess and had ‘sparred’ Kazindar numerous times. While Alton was the more experienced of the two at the time, Kazindar was physically superior and had a strange new fighting style that allowed him to best Alton.



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