Harlor Melarn

Drow Elf with a constant mischievous smile. He has a long sword strapped to his belt and a shield on his back.


Drow Elf (Neutral Evil) Rogue 3/Fighter 3/Shadowdancer 2

Harlor is a survivor. His physical attributes were far less then his brother’s, who was much stronger, faster and agile. While Harlor was trained as a warrior his true gifts were with his natural cunning and ability to survive. He generally went into a situation with a backup plan and was very good at escaping when things did not go to plan. He survived MANY encounters with the young Despana nobles, and continued to be a thorn in their sides for some time.

Harlor was a decent combatant, and fought with a long sword and a shield. While his brother, Dirvolg Melarn specialized in up-front combat, Harlor was a mobile combatant who maneuvered around the battlefield. He wielded a magical shield that could radiate the light of the sun to all who can see it, which is especially devastating in the underdark with drow who were blinded by the light. While Harlor could stand in combat he preferred to strike from behind or when helped by others.

Harlor eventually learned how to disappear in plain sight, a trick he had been developing for some time.


Harlor Melarn belonged to the House Melarn, which was a rival to House Despana. Harlor and his brother, Dirvolg Melarn frequently encountered the young nobles of Despana, but were able to survive after numerous battles.

While he was not the best melee combatant, after Dirvolg Melarn fell to the nobles in Despana he acquired the role of House Weaponmaster. Knowing that his brother was far better in melee combat he engineered a plan to have his brother fall which would make him the only candidate. After his brother was killed Harlor fled the battle to reap the benefits of the situation. He was very clever and dispatched any contestants to the position before it began an up-front duel.

Harlor Melarn

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