Short Haired drow elf with a flail in one hand and a shield in another. The drow seemed paranoid even for dark elven stantards and was intently watchful over the beautiful drow elven female standing besides him


Drow Elf (Lawful Evil) Rogue 3/Psychic Warrior 4/Devoted Defender 2

Armandir had the typical subservant demeanor of a drow elven male and was a perfect candidate become a body guard for a priestess of Lolth. Armandir was very skilled at protecting others around him, especially his ‘charge’. He fought with a light flail and was very proficient in the ways of tripping his foes and he protected himself with mobility, light armor and a shield. Armandir did have minor psychic abilities, which would enhance his combat prowess. Armandir was a decent combatant but his most notable feature was his dwarven-like durability, a trait most elves do not possess.


Armandir was one of two sons whose mother was a noble from House Obladra. After House Baenrae had House Obladra destroyed many of the minor nobles who survived fled and tried to be ‘adopted’ into other houses. Armandir’s mother joined with House Despana. The family line had latent psychic potential and thus both Armandir, and his ‘brother’, Vorn, learned to use minor abilities.

Vorn always had contempt for Armandir because he knew Vorn’s past so instead of sending Armandir to Melee Magarthe where his mother knew he would be killed by her other ravenous son, she sent Armandir to Ched Nasad to learn the ways of becoming a bodyguard. He was groomed by to the personal guard for a priestess of Lolth. Several years later Armandir returned but at this point the PCs had been banished from House Despana. After his mother died he felt no ties to House Despana and left to find the PCs. He quickly became the sworn guard for the only female in the group, Fairuza.

Armandir travelled with Fairuza and the others until after they first dispatched Wyreerig. After this point Fairuza decided that she would make it on her own and left the other former Despana Nobles, while they left for Ched Nasad. Armandir remained at Fairuza’s side.


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