A unassuming, small typical drow elven male. So ordinary he is difficult to remember and its easy to forget his presence.


Drow Elven (Neutral Evil) Cleric of Vhaeraun 8

Ryltar is somewhat cowardly and prefers to stay in the shadows, and over the years he has become quite adept at hiding (even for drow standards). While he can be a decent combatant he hides his true power. He is decent healer and known for enhancing the physical prowess of his company members.

He was the right-hand man of Kazindar who was the official team leader of his squad in Bregan D’aerthe.

When he did get involved in combat directly he would make sure to flank the foe and strike from behind. He commonly used inflict spells to sneak attack his enemies or he would use a mace. He also commonly used the spell fly to increase his mobility. He is one of the few priests to learn the fiendish spell, Fleshripper, which is an extraordinarily potent offensive spell for a cleric.


Ryltar is a seemingly typical subservent male in Menzoberranzan. He is very adept at hiding his true source of power, which derives from his god, Vhaerun. Ryltar became a cleric of Vhaeraun when he discovered that other drow males were like-minded in their dissatisfaction of the current government. While this priestly powers gave him the ability to resist, the worship of any deity other then Lolth was punishable by death. Early on he joined the mercenary company Bregan D’aerthe as a source of political power that a male could rise in the ranks. Ryltar was never a leader but was a very capable follower.

Kazindar and Rizzen Despana joined Bregan D’aerthe when their ties with House Despana fell apart. Ryltar had recognized the two, both worshippers of Vhaerun. He was assigned to their squad and developed a mutual respect for Kazindar. In a world where no one could trust the other the two sworn a blood oath to Vhaeraun that they would not betray one another so they could both benefit from the skills of the others.

Kazindar, Rizzen and Ryltar were captured by a minor noble house at the devious plans of Wyreerig. Before the PCs were able to break out, one of the priestesses of Lolth commanded Kazindar to sacrifice Ryltar to Lolth. Seeing no other option Kazindar killed Ryltar and used his opening to escape.


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