Manipulative Illithid Merchant


Wyreerig was a hyper-intelligent illithid with well developed psychic powers, such as domination and dimension door. He was a pecular illithid in the fact that he preferred to be in a city where few of his race thrived. He distained other illithid and preferred to be surrounded by vassals, either psychic dominated or monetarily dominated. He was a mastermind who loved to play with other beings as others would play a game of chess.

After his ‘death’ at the hands of the PC he masquerades as a drow elven information broker who operated in menzoberanzan. He pretended to be a mute and had stitches over his fake skin. He was magically reduced in size so his stature would match that of an elf and had drow elven skin grafted to his body by a magic surgeon.


The PCs first encountered Wyreerig when he contacted the infamous Bregan D’aerthe for a job. He needed 3 different groups to infilitrate Grackslaugh, City of Blades, Home of the Duergar dwarves for a covert mission. The PCs were one of the groups that was sent on the mission. Wyreerig betrayed Bregan D’aerthe and the other 2 teams were killed. The PCs barely survived and managed to escape back to Menzoberranzan. Before they could take their revenge Wyreerig subtley let Priestess of Lolth of high status that they were in fact Vhaerun worshippers. His efforts caused a religious purge in the city as the PCs again barely survived. The PCs finally encountered Wyreerig at his home where they defeated him. Before they could finally kill the illithid he used his last bit of psychic energy and dimensional escaped. With the time he had available he had tricked another illithid to take his spot and was thus assassinated by the group.

Now that Bregan D’aerthe believed he was dead he was able to move more free as his new dark elven persona. Wyreerig allied himself with a minor noble house and convinced them to capture the PCs and sacrifice them to Lolth. Before the deed was complete the PCs realized it was Wyreerig and it turned into a 3-way battle between the PCs, Wyreerig and the double-crossed noble house. The PCs managed to kill Wyreerig and escape with their lives.


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